Employment Opportunities

Hiring for a Full Time Research Technician - Link to Application
The Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory and Pediatric Health Laboratory at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are seeking to hire a research technician. This person will have the opportunity to work across multiple National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded projects focusing on the interplay between cognitive development (particularly executive control), environmental factors, health behaviors and health outcomes. The projects currently involve collecting data from adolescents and young adults who have participated in an ongoing longitudinal study since preschool. Adolescent health behaviors and outcomes of interest include diet, physical activity, sleep, substance use, obesity risk and mental health problems. Young adult data collection will include neuroimaging paradigms with particular relevance to obesity risk. A variety of methodologies are used across projects, including computer-based neuropsychological tasks; actigraphy; online 24-hour dietary recalls; mapping of community environments; interviews and standardized questionnaires; and fMRI.

Position involves conducting lab-based data collection sessions, assisting with scheduling participants for sessions, and assisting in the processing of data after sessions. Sessions for the adolescent studies include administering computer-based tasks to adolescents, administering questionnaires to adolescents and parents, and preparing participants for out-of-session data collection procedures. Sessions for the young adult study include assisting the MRI technologist with the neuroimaging data collection protocol and administering questionnaires. Some evening and weekend hours will be necessary for conducting data collection sessions. Opportunities for involvement in research dissemination, such as national conference presentations and peer-reviewed publications, are available based on interest.